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Name Thorn
Kanji ソーン
Romanji Sōn
Race Majin
Height 6'
Weight 140 lbs
Eyes Black
Professional Status
Occupation Martial artist
Team Unknown
Partner Taro
Personal Status
Marital Status Alive
Education Unknown
Status Alive
Combat Status
Weapons None

Thorn (タロ, Taro) is a Majin, currently living on Earth helping train the half-Saiyan Taro.



Thorn full

Thorn's full appearance.

Thorn most resembles in appearance the Super Buu who fought against Gohan during the Fusion Saga, though he is markedly more human in appearance. His body is much closer in resemblance to a human's physiology, his face is much more human in appearance with a fully developed nose and his hands ending in long, full-sized humanoid fingers. But he retains the pink colored skin of a Majin, along with the long head tentacle, which reaches till his waist. His eyes, like all the Majin, have inverted colors as compared to humans, with a black sclera and reddish-pink irides.

He is normally dressed in a baggy white trouser with black boots on his legs and a thick black belt around his waist. The buckle of the belt bears a large golden crest bearing the Majin symbol on it in black. He wears black bands, with golden bands on the edges, on his wrists. His torso is completely bare.




Techniques and Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Flight– The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast – A basic energy wave created by concentrating and releasing one's ki.
  • Ki Sense – The ability to sense the location, life force, and power level of anyone, just by focusing on their signature.
Thorn regen

Thorn cut into pieces.

Thorn heads

Off With The Heads.

  • Off With The Heads:


Behind the scenesEdit

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