Naraku Fūyō
Shichika - ProfileTurtleSchool
Name Naraku Fūyō
Kanji 楓葉楢苦
Romanji Fuuyou Naraku
Race Human
Birthdate 17th May
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 183cm
Weight 67kg
Eyes Silver with Black Irises
Hair Brown
Blood Type AB+
Unusual Features Silver Eyes
Professional Status
Allegiance New Turtle School
Occupation Student under Mutaito
Previous Occupation Wanderer
Team New Turtle School
Previous Team Himself
Partner Mutaito
Address New Turtle School
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education New Turtle School(In Progression)
Family Unknown
Status Active
Combat Status
Weapons None

Naraku Fūyō (楓葉楢苦 Maple Leaf, Oak Suffering) is a student of the New Turtle School and one of the few who have been able to activate the state of Chushin. He is notable for his mastery over the art of manipulaing Ki as well as his Martial Arts skill.

Character OutlineEdit


Shichika - NewTurtleSchool

Naraku's general appearance





Techniques and Special AbilitiesEdit

Martial Arts & Ki TechniquesEdit


Naraku's Ki Rotation (click to see GIF)

  • Ki Rotation:

Forms and TransformationsEdit

Chūshin (中心 Heart)



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