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Name Miliana
Kanji ミリアーナ
Romanji Miriaana
Race Human
Birthdate 28th May
Age 20
Gender Female
Height 175cm
Weight 57kg
Eyes Golden
Hair Dual Toned(Blond, Black)
Blood Type A-
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Allegiance Planet Trade Organization
Occupation Unknown
Team Planet Trade Organization
Partner Unknown
Address Unknown
Personal Status
Marital Status Engaged
Education New Turtle School
Family Mutaito(Fiancé)
Status Active
Combat Status
Weapons Rapier

Miliana (ミリアーナ Miriaana) is a prosperous woman from the planet Earth. She is a member of the Planet Trade Organization and is a prominent fighter who was formerly a student in the New Turtle School. She is noted for her stealthy abilities and skill with the sword. Miliana is known as, Milliana The Black Panther (ミリアーナ黒豹 Miriaana Kurohyou). Miliana during her tenures as a student studied under Mutaito for an extensive period of time before both of them began to gain a romantic interest in one another. As of now, they are engaged and are devoted lovers.



Miliana's General Appearance

A sight to behold and spectate for one's entire life. Miliana is a beauty among beauties as she is known. Miliana sports a full figure and a stature of elegance which she carries off expertly with her unique sense of style. Solemn golden eyes radiate into the darkness as her fair skin glows in the twilight. Long blond hair unravels and curls into a small black coil nearing her chest. Her poise is magnificent as elegance is seen with every stride of hers, leaving those who watch her in sheer awe of her beauty. Mutaito holds her beauty in high regard, and constantly praises her for both her eloquence and purity.

Miliana sports a unique sense of fashion in comparison to most. Her style is refined and elegant, her closet filled with many-a-dresses. Most prevalent is her favoured dress, a sleeveless black dress which flares out at the bottom, revealing an even longer portion of the dress underneath which is of a similar color and is patterned with several flora and fauna designs. Her most favored color schemes are blacks and whites, for they represent elegance, power and integrity, yet she doesn't mind the occassional red or blue to appease specific individuals.




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