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Kikōkenjutsu Kenha (気功剣術剣派, Kikōkenjutsu Kenha; lit. "Energy Fencing Sword School") otherwise known as the Sword School (剣派 Kenha) is one of the few schools of martial arts which teach both the usage of Ki Manipulation and Swordsmanship. It was founded by Trunks and Goten a while ago. However, the publishing of the book, Groundbreaking Science quickly made it extremely popular among many in the world. However, Trunks and Goten soon resigned from their positions as Masters quickly after the famed Musashi Miyamoto gained mastery over the usage of Ki, alongside Sasaki Kojirō, who quickly redefined the arts of the school, bringing in new and legendary masters from the entire universe to do so. Yet regardless, the core intent of this school remains the same, bringing about the teachings of swordsmanship alongside the usage of Ki.




Style Overview
Zettō (絶刀 Absolute Sword) A style that relies on an absolute offense from a single standpoint. It commonly uses a forward approach and could also be considered a sadistic style. One normally uses any means possible to kill an enemy, whether it be through cutting their legs or arms, they shall do whatever possible to eliminate them, whilst enhancing their swords with ki to increase their destructive power.
Zantō (斬刀 Beheading Sword) A style that relies on stealth and speed, it bears a rather large similarity to the style of Iaido. It uses swift draws to collect air pressure at the tip of the blade, releasing it in a crescent arc which can also be coupled with ki to create arcs of energy at rapid rates. These arcs can behead opponents with ease.
Sentō (千刀 Thousand Sword)
Hakutō (薄刀 Thin Sword)
Zokutō (賊刀 Armor Sword)
Sōtō (双刀 Twin Sword
Akutō (悪刀 Demon Sword)
Bitō (微刀 Delicate Sword)
Ōtō (王刀 King Sword)
Seitō (誠刀 True Sword)
Dokutō (毒刀 Poison Sword)
Entō (炎刀 Flame Sword)

General TechniquesEdit





  • The twelve sword styles that are capable of being learned by the students are influenced from the 12 Deviant Blades from the series, Katanagatari.