This page is official Dragon Ball Z Fan Fiction Wiki policy.

Introduction to Signatures Edit

In order to identify users and attribute comments and votes on talk pages, forum threads, and other discussion pages on Bleach Fanon WIki, user comments must be signed. This is particularly important on pages where voting is involved: votes which are unsigned and undated may be considered invalid.

The standard signature on Wikia (produced via ~~~~ or ~~~ to provide a signature with out the date) consists of a simple link to your user page. This can be customized in your preferences under "user profile." You can create a custom signature by checking the "raw signatures" box, and entering the MediaWiki code for your new signature.

Signature Restrictions Edit

There are several restrictions you must follow when creating a customized signature:

  1. You may only have one picture in your signature.
    1. Recommended picture height is 15px; although maximum picture height is 20px, it is not recommended. Recommended picture height for those using Speech-bubble styled signature is 100px; although the maximum picture height is 120px. Larger images will change surrounding text formatting, which is highly disruptive.
    2. Most types of animated pictures (mostly .GIF format) are permitted. However, any inappropriate, disturbing, or distracting animations in any way will not be permitted.
  2. Line-breaks (<br/>, {{clear}} and associated tags/templates) are not permitted.

Violations Edit

Violators will be given one official warning on their talk page. If there is non-compliance, the offender may be unfortunately blocked of a duration between one to three days.


The enforcement of the Signature policy wouldn't be really enforced by the Administrative team. We believe in the freedom of speech of the Users. However, if the sig includes any hateful terms towards any races of man, the user will be severely punished.