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Banchō Hitogari
Race Saiyan
Birthday May 20
Age 32
Gender Male
Height 182.88 cm
Weight 90.72 kg
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation New Crane School
Occupation Leader of the New Crane School
Previous Occupation Gang Leader of the Ryūban
Team Unnamed Team
Previous Team Ryūban
Home Planet Earth
Base of Operations New Crane School
Personal Status
Relatives Deceased
Education Self Taught
First Appearance
Storyline Fanon Storyline
Japanese Voice Akio Ōtsuka
English Voice Steve Kramer

Banchō Hitogari (人我利 番長, Hitogari Banchou) or as he was once previously known as Hitogari Ōgu (番長 応供, Ougu Hitogari) is a former gang leader of the Ryūban who repented for his past by leading the New Crane School. Under Hitogari, the New Crane School has become renowned for its application and teaching of the Kuji-in.

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Enhanced Endurance: Banchō has displayed the ability to take a hit without any recoil as well as maintain a level of composure and remain stoic even when dealt severe injuries. His strength lies in his indomitable will, which keeps Banchō going even to the brink of death, evident in how he managed to cut down multiple targets with a sword lodged into his abdomen and two hooks dug into his shoulder. Banchō teaches to all of his students that giving up is a show of weakness. Banchō has shown to be quite hard to physically hurt as well, having trained his skin to shrug off even Ki-powered attacks in some cases.

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"He was a strong and worthy opponent... but no man who panics at death cannot escape it"
—Banchō referring to somebody he killed in battle

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